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Controlling Bad Blood Vessels ..

In this report, we explore angiogenesis, and the use of CarTCell a clinically proven, over-the-counter solution to the formation of these unwanted blood vessels.

::MSNBC Health March 26, 2001 By Charlene Laino

"NEW ORLEANS, March 26 — Patients with advanced kidney cancer given an extract of shark cartilage lived twice as long as would be expected if they hadn’t taken the fishy concoction, a small pilot study shows. And three patients — all of whom failed to respond to all standard cancer treatments and probably would have died within eight months — are still alive 31 months after treatment began, researchers said." Full text..

::United Press International, Tuesday, March 27, 2001

"Shark extract extends cancer patient life"
"We use the dogfish shark, because six percent of its body is cartilage. It has nothing to do with the myth that sharks don't get cancer." Full text..

::Natural Pharmacy magazine, Vol.3, No.6, June 1999

"..This dietary supplement has nothing to do with the other powder extracts of shark cartilage available.."  Full text..

::Hope The Alternative Medicine Newsletter for Cancer Patients Vol. 2 No 8, Aug.1998

"Q&A about shark cartilage products and their applications" Full text..

::Reuteurs Health information: NCI sponsor clinical trial of Aeterna`s shark cartilage extract

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