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Cartilage : a proven Source of angiogenesis inhibitors

Cartilage is an avascular tissue highly resistant to invasion by blood vessels when compared to other tissues. The avascular property of cartilage has prompted several laboratories to study the biological potential of this tissue to inhibit blood vessel formation.

High concentration of selected molecules

Cartilage accounts for approximately 0.5% of the body weight in bovine species whereas it is 6% in shark species. Shark cartilage is therefore a privileged source of antiangiogenic factors.   The most advanced techniques  of cellular and molecular biology are used to prepare CarTCelI. Filtered according to molecular weight, the molecules are concentrated and presented under an easy-to-absorb liquid formulation.

No reagent or solvent other than pure water is used in the extraction procedure. The patented extraction method is based strictly on physical processes.

Preservation of the biological element integrity

During the manufacturing process,  the active constituents   are selected which yield the desired effect.   Shark cartilage is not offered for its calcium, phosphorus, mucopolysaccharides or inert substances, but for its antiangiogenic properties.

Contrary to lyophilized or dehydrated products, the active elements contained in CarTCelI are extracted at low temperature (4°C / 40° F)


Biotech innovation patented process

Tissue extraction
Disposal of unwanted material   Molecular enrichment
Microporous filtration
Aseptic bottling





Each batch of Cartcell is tested for its antiangiogenic activity

The figure below is a typical response obtained with CarTCell on the Embryonic VascularizationTest (EVT), an ex ovo biological assay used to show the antiangiogenic activity of the product. The antiangiogenic activity of the CarTCell is shown and compared to protamine, a known antiangiogenic compound used as a positive control. A negative control shows no activity on the EVT. CarTCell® is antiangiogenic as it prevents blood vessel formation.

Typical antiangiogenic activity obtained with CarTCell®

Antiangiogenic activity

Antiangiogenic index*

* The antiangiogenic effect is evaluated by two skilled observers in a blind fashion and expressed as the Antiangiogenic Index. The Antiangiogenic Index is a direct measure of the relative antiangiogenic activity.

Easy to use and absorb

CarTCell® is certainly one of the easiest product to use on the market. It is a liquid extract without significant taste or odor.

Our liquid extract of shark cartilage contains higher concentrations of active elements. Shark cartilage has been available for several years in powdered, caplet or capsule form. All these formulations forces the user to ingest large quantities of product.

CarTCell® is unique because of its patented manufacturing process which allows the extraction of selected molecules. Consider the advantages of CarTCell.

  • A proven source of angiogenic inhibitors
  • High concentration of selected molecules
  • Easy to use and absorb Superior quality controls
  • Superior quality controls

Many improvements make CarTCell® unique

  • A Biotechnology innovation
  • Scientifically proven antiangiogenic activity
  • Bioavailable
  • No significant taste or odor
  • Available via healthcare professionals
  • Each convenient Individually sealed bottle contains the exact recommended amount of CarTCell for your safety
  • Manufactured according to the requirements of GMP standarts
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