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 Natural Drug proves effective in kidney cancer

Liquid Cartilage Extract Doubles Median Survival Time In Kidney Cancer

Recently, Aeterna Laboratories has released preliminary results on its phase III clinical trial in the treatment of advanced stage renal cell carcinoma. This is the most up-to-date and modern study by any standards and it has been carried out on a 100% natural treatment!

The most outstanding result reported in this study is the increase of median survival time by 109% in a subgroup of patients. While Neovastat is being tested as a drug, it is also proving that natural therapies can succeed where mainstream pharmaceutical drugs struggle. Neovastat is a 100% natural extract of marine origin, issued from a state-of-the-art patented biotechnology platform.

The disease

Kidney cancer is one of the most aggressive and virulent types of cancer, representing 3% of all cancers. At diagnosis, 30% of the patients have progressed to stage III and 25% of the patients to phase IV. 6 out of 10 kidney cancer patients have a life expectancy of less than 5 years. The treatments available for stage IV RCC include: chemotherapy (5-FU, only 1 out of 10 patients responds), Radiation (tumor radio resistant), hormone therapy (less than 1 out of 10 success rate), Immunotherapy (Interferon-alpha, Interleukine-2; 2 out of 10 patients respond).

The study

All patients recruited for this study were refractant to the standard of treatment and were treated in mono therapy with Liquid Cartilage Extract (LCE). According to the researchers involved in the study the results could be even further improved should one be able to use liquid cartilage extract as first line treatment in combination with other modalities. Nevertheless, not taking in consideration the challenges posed by the patient population, no other angiogenesis inhibitors have shown such outstanding results. In the highly publicized Avastin study for example, used as first line combination treatment (with the chemotherapy agent 5-FU) in colon cancer, the increase in median life expectancy was 30%*.

The subpopulation that responded extremely positively to the treatment with LCE was the “healthier” patients and shared the same disease profile: clear cell renal carcinoma, ECOG 0 with one metastatic site. Clear cell carcinoma is responsible for 90% of all renal cancer. These patients more than doubled their life expectancy from 12.6 months for the placebo group to 26.3 months for the LCE group. This increase of median survival time of 109% is highly statistically relevant (p=0,0236).

A milestone for natural treatments

Supporters of natural and integrative treatments have always believed that these modalities deserve more attention as part of a holistic approach to cancer. The LCE study proves this fact in impressive fashion. Further evaluation of the study results will be needed to gain full insight in the possible benefits of liquid cartilage extract in cancer. Given the complete absence of toxicity of liquid cartilage extract, one should not deprive patients from the possible benefits to support their treatments. Liquid cartilage extract is also available as a food supplement under the trade mark CarTCell®.

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